Saturday, 22 August 2009

Top of the World

I'm sat in my room, listening to Carpenters on vinyl. I've only just discovered that wonderful sound and now I plan to collect all of Joni Mitchell's albums on vinyl. - Might be a challenge, but I think I'm up to it! :)
I thought about that after watching her performance on YouTube of 'California' with her Appalachian Dulcimer. It was so good and I thought...that would sound incredible on vinyl. Vinyl has such a raw sound. I really love it. I think I could sit here all day long just listening...but I have things to do. :)
And I'm sure you know what vinyl sounds like.
Holly xxxxx


wolfgang said...

Jiichaa! The voice of Karen is so extraordinary! She gave us a first taste in "California dreamin", when she was 17 years old. Another song "From this moment on" is out of this world.

wolfgang said...

Holly, you raised a very interesting question: Are digital media capable of substituting analog media, both in audio and in the visual area without a loss of a certain quality? The truth is, vinyl is seldom and analog photography and cinema is on the retreat. B u t this does not answer the question. It could be that despite of all drawbacks of analog media, there could be a advantage of the analog media in quality unreachable for their digital counterparts.

LarryC said...

Vinyl does indeed have a sound of its own. I still have a lot of it.

It seems strange to hear you mention 'Appalachian'. Of course, I did not know about an instrument so named. In two more days, I will be heading for my hometown in the Appalachian mountains where Bluegrass music rules. When I was a kid, people would congregate on someone's porch and play instruments, some homemade, banjos, fiddles, guitars, dobro, and whatever else. We did not have electricity back then so making Bluegrass music with friends was a normal time passer.

Pass the moonshine!

wolfgang said...

I discovered Bluegrass music a month ago.I went through the songs of Alison Krauss and was really enchanted. I'm not a big fan of country music, but this was different. There is something deeply melancholic in the songs of Alison I cannot put in words.

Michael said...

GREAT, Does that mean you will do a Carpenters cover?