Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Cocktail Partay

Hello! I said on my website that I'd type out my set list from the gig yesterday and so that I shall doooo. :)

It was a cocktail party and I literally just sat in the background and plinked away at my guitar. It was quite noisy where everyone was talking, but some people were listening on and off. At the end a few people came up to me and said "WE were listening! :)" lol. And a few people said that they really enjoyed it which was grooooovy. :) One lady came up to me and said "Who ARE you!?!" which was really nice and made me chuckle. :)

Anyway...set list (not handwritten this time - I'm sorry! lol)

  1. Home Again (orig.)
  2. When You Say Nothing At All
  3. Tripping Through Violets (orig.)
  4. I Live Through the Song (orig.)
  5. Black and Gold
  6. Beautiful Deceit (orig.)
  7. This Is The Life
  8. Hallelujah
  9. Tea Leaves and Old Magazines (orig.)
  10. Start Again (orig.)
  11. 1 2 3 4
  12. Flowers in the Window
  13. If You Could Read My Mind
  14. The Show (uke)
  15. Big Yellow Taxi
  16. Poison Prince
  17. I'm Right Here (orig.)
  18. Topsy Turvy World (orig.)
  19. Poetry (orig.)
  20. Blowin' in the Wind
  21. Life For Rent
  22. Wherever You Will Go
  23. Lean On Me
  24. I Will Love You
  25. Ain't No Sunshine
  26. After the Goldrush
  27. Carrickfergus
  28. Claddagh Ring (orig. with Rob)
  29. Dante's Prayer
  30. Down By The Salley Gardens
  31. How Can I Tell You?
  32. Last Unicorn
  33. May It Be
  34. The Queen and the Soldier
  35. Run

Phew! 35 songs back to back! lol. It's surprising that I have a voice this morning!...

Now I think I might work on a this space! lol

TTFN xxxxx


LarryC said...

Wow! That is amazing! I bet you were a very tired little Holly after all that, lol! Those party guests were fortunate to have you.

Today is a bit of a business day for me but I will be checking here as much as I can, lol!

Hope you have a great day!

Palhadein said...

Oh ! That's a long, long, long list ! Among your numerous talents, you can add "a perfect memory" ! I wouldn't be able to remember in the end what I was singing at the beggining !...

wolfgang said...


LarryC said...

'Dave The Llama'. Interesting and very cute. I assume he is constructed with fabric? And 'Giraffe' puts such a smile on my face, lol. :)

Anonymous said...

WOW - that is indeed one LONG LIST - I would be calling for lemon tea and sitting in bed with dark glasses on the next day - that is some hard work you did there. I love the 'who ARE you' - that is a cool comment indeed. Sorry I have not been around but I do check in here on a regular basic - love and hugs to you all from us all down here, right down the bottom of the globe. Susan and the rest xxxx