Tuesday, 25 August 2009

At last!

First I'd like to say something to Larry:

Have a brilliant trip Larry, - be safe in your car! lol. I hope Rob and I keep you company. :D Have a wonderful time and please take lots of piccies to show us when you get back. :)

Now for today's news...

Phew! I've been waiting for what seems like aaaaaages...and Dad has loads of red ones already...but NOW! Muahahaha! Mine are going red. :) Mine are going reeeeeed! *Does happy dance!* Here's a picture...
And they taste pretty good too. :D
Anyway, I'd better go.
H xxxxx


LarryC said...

Haha, yeah, I bet they *DO* "taste pretty good"! They look awesome. Beautiful. Just think, not too long ago they were just tiny little seeds. Great job you did with them. You will soon have enough to fill a little yard pool. Hmmm... yeah, make a video. You could like throw Brooke in (or even Ben) and sing 'The Tomatoe Boogie'. Just food for thought, lol. Oh my goodness!

Thanks for the well wishes for the trip. I am sooo excited! After I post a little farewell in our 'Artists' thread, I shall sleep a bit and then pull out. See you in about a week or so! Take care!

wolfgang said...

Schade, dass man im Internet nicht riechen kann. Ich liebe den Geruch von frischen Tomaten. Kinder, wie die Zeit vergeht, gerade noch waren Deine Tomatenpflanzen klein und zierlich und jetzt tragen sie schon reichlich Früchte.
Larry, I will think of you, when you are on the trip to the crater.
Gute Reise!

LarryC said...

<--- Is still wondering if you guys have figured out what to do with them all, lol! They have a way of going from zero to a ton almost overnight. :)