Friday, 17 July 2009


Wow, I really haven't posted very much this week! I've been off and about doing different things. I'll try to cast my mind back...

Sunday marked a year since the man whom this song was written about...

...left us. So we went to the cemetery and left a rose there for him.

Monday. Ah yes. Monday was Ben's birthday, so we spent the day together. I cooked a three course meal for him - which was VERY stressful!...but it seemed to turn out OK, and I think he liked it...apart from the yells of "BEN LEAVE ME ALONE!!! I'M PANICKING!!!" and "I CAN'T CONCENTRATE WITH YOU WATCHING ME!!! GOOOO AWAAAAY!!!" That's right, I can shout - as loud as capitals. I can be a bit of a boss floss really. I have a video of me doing a puzzle with my Nannie when I was about 2 and I'm being incredibly bossy and she says "Alright boss floss!" It's because I like everything to be just so. Anyway - the meal/breakfast turned out rather well actually, if I may say so myself.


Breakfast: Caramelised pears with Scotch pancakes and a dollop of double cream. (Everything's measured in dollops these days - get with the times!)


Starter: Warm goat's cheese on a bed of salad with sesame seeds and a rich balsamic dressing.

Main: Chicken fillet stuffed with grated, strong cheddar cheese, Boursin and wholegrain mustard, wrapped in two pieces of bacon, with salad leaves and baby new potatoes.

Dessert: Chocolate tart thing with moussey stuff in it and topped with a dollop of cream and one cherry with chocolate sauce.

So that was that! And then Ben and I went out to a Chinese Restaurant with Ben's parents and brother for tea. It was really posh, but I felt really guilty because I couldn't eat very much and it was pretty much an all you can eat thing.

So that was Monday.


Ummm...Tuesday? Oh yes! On Tuesday I went into school to collect a 'prize' as our school prize giving was cancelled. They just held a really mini prize giving for trophy winners, which means that I won a trophy! Cool. :) So, I got there and sat down with my friends and then they called out the names of the winners and what they'd won...(none of us knew what we'd won before they called out our names)...and then Mr. Jones called out 'Holly Kirby Level 3 Music' and I kind of feel and "Oh no!!!" in my tummy, because the exam went terribly and I can pretty much guarantee that I've got below what I need for Uni. And then whilst I was thinking about that, he called out 'Holly Kirby Level 3 German' and I was like "Oh!!" lol. So I got two awards. And I also got a certificate saying that I had been commended in Music, German and English Lit...which is all of my subjects! Which is also cool. The trophies mean that you're the 'best in your year' for that particular subject. Well. I'm one of two in music. Me and Larry, the guy who did the porn thing. And in German, I'm one of......


Maybe I shouldn't have told you that, then you would've thought that I was just really good. Hah. :)

After that, Donna picked me up in her convertible and we whizzed of into the sunset. The End...

Or is it?


On Wednesday we (Mum, Dad, Holly, Ben) went to see Brooke's end of year play. The children performed Scheherazade - 1001 Arabian Nights and it was brilliant. Brooke had one of the lead roles and she was an absolute star. She remembered all her words and put loads of expression in. I felt so proud. It's Brooke's last year at primary school this year - so after the performance (still on the stage) they had a little prize giving for all the Year 4 leavers. The class teachers asked each child to stand up individually, and then read a little piece out that they'd written about the child. Brooke's teacher's piece about her was so lovely. She obviously knows her very well. After each child had been spoken about and collected a little present (a book) from the school, the teacher's handed out a few trophies. I remember them from when I was at school. There's a 'Good Citizen' trophy for the person who is always kind and caring around school and looks after others, there's a Numeracy and Literacy trophy for the person who is best at maths and the person who is best at Literacy, and there's also the 'Sunshine trophy'. The Sunshine trophy is for the child who is always happy around school, helpful, caring, works hard...the person who is literally...a little ray of sunshine... :)

Brooke got it!!! I was so proud I burst into tears! lol. I know...bit of a numpty...I never usually cry/get emotional at anything like that. Sometimes I do at sad TV dramas but not happy crying. The last time I cried because I was happy was when I received a message from Enya. And the time before that was when Brooke was born, and that was when I was nine! She thoroughly deserved the trophy, she's just so wonderful.

So yes, that was a very good Wednesday.


That was yesterday...yes. I went to the mainland to do some shopping. I got...

Some earrings
White shoes for customization
Heart sunglasses
Starry braces
Girl boxers
Two hairbands
Glasses for mum
Play tunnel for Violet
Comfy trackies
Two little bags
A T-Shirt for Ben
Hair elastics

That might've been it. It didn't come to much. Everything was cheap. For example - shoes = £2.50. - Braces = 50p!


That's today. I'm going to do a set tonight at a disco - just to break it up in the middle. It's 80s themed so I'm going as Deborah Harry - HOORAAAY!!! I wanted to go as Hans Gruber...

*Swoooon*...but Ben wouldn't allow it. Grrr...

So that's today really. I'm also taking Violet to the vet for her vaccinations. And next week I'm tidying my room which will be reeeeally...time consuming!


Holly xxxxx


D.N.H. said...

Heart sunglasses?

H said...

Correct! :D

LarryC said...

Sounds like a great week! Happy belated BD to Ben and big congrats to Holly and Brooke.

What a BD feast! I know you had to roll Ben away after all that food. No way he could have walked after all that! LOL..Have fun tonight!

TV said...

At least, it sounds more varied than my week recording guitar tracks and chasing monsters at Vvardenfell :D

And I want to see those sunglasses on your next video :P
Have some great 80's!

Wolfgang said...

Holly als deutscher Terrorist, sehr interessante Vorstellung auf vielen Ebenen. Warum nicht? Jack Gruber alias Hans Gruber mit Krawatte und sauber ausrasiertem Bart.

Wolfgang said...

Debbies Erdbeermund, platinblonde Haare und "heart sunglasses", auch nicht schlecht! Sehr k√ľnstlich, sehr ikonenhaft. Das Gesicht auf dem Weg zur perfekten Maske, fast wie im japanischen Kabuki-Theater.

LarryC said...

Almost forgot...

Huge congrats on the awards! That is really impressive and wonderful!

Anonymous said...

CONGRATS TO YOU ALL - A BUNCH OF STARS IN THE SKY! In my last year of high school only 2 people did German, myself and my best friend LOL. Believe me we talked more than we worked and the teacher constantly just left us alone. I am delighted to hear about Brooke and how well she did. I have something for her, life is such a rush just now, we will be away for half of next week, but I will try very hard to put it in the post next Thursday, so sadly it will take a little while to arrive. For now, please tell her that I am just SO proud of her. Love and light Susan xxxx