Friday, 31 July 2009

Wednesday's Gig

Now let's see if this works... (you can click on the pics to make them bigger)
Did you see that mistake in the word 'mistake'! lol...MistakeS!!! Silly girl...


Someone who knows ;) said...

Wow! It is soooo much clearer if you click on the pages of this one :)

D.N.H. said...

Glad you enjoyed a successful gig.
I could only click thru on the first page. The others don't enlarge. But I could read them well enough. I could not survive without a backspace key. I would wear out SO many erasers.

wolfgang said...

The mistaken "mistake"
it's an earthquake
in art,
not only a f... .
Fixed text in the net
will never get wet.
The "f..."I'll regret
I bet.

LarryC said...

Nice, Holly! Awesome lineup. Indeed. The starter, 'Home Again' was a good pick to cure the nerves, I bet, lol. There is some serious and fast guitar work on there. Funny thing, I have a folder of your songs on the desktop (among other places :)but Home Again is not even in the folder. It is out in the breeze. Love it.

Had you asked for a request on the blogtv show, I would have tossed it in, lol.

I just knew the ukulele songs would be a big hit too. They are so fun and awesome. Glad you had fun and thanks for the telling, lol!

mum said...

I loved the ukulele songs too Larry!
H had to hold her uke right up underneath her chin though, so that it could be heard in the microphone, which made it look even more fun.
One of the audience requested One Eyed Alien and that went down really well too.
Lots and lots of people congratulated Holly.
We were very pleased for her as we knew how hard she had worked making sure she knew the words to all of the songs and trying to vary them as much as possible.
She was singing all day for 3 days before the show so I was a little worried that she would have no voice left :)

LarryC said...

Well, mum, that must have been awesome. Most of us only have birds to sing to us. Lucky you! lol

It comes as no surprise that Holly was well congratulated and received, and that she was well prepared. That is simply 'Holly', an amazingly talented and capable artist!

wolfgang said...

Do not regard this text!
I hope Holly will provide us with more beautiful blossoms of self-referentiality.
Do not regard this text!