Saturday, 4 July 2009


Hi all,

Today I started to record Gone For Good on Cubase in preparation for YouTube, but things didn't seem to be going quite right. And then we noticed that something wasn't quite the ticket with Violet. She's very sleepy and doesn't move very far without having to lie down - and she was sick this afternoon. :( So I called the emergency vet and took her up to be checked over. She couldn't really tell what was wrong, but thought it was probably tummy problems and said that we should keep an eye on her - and she also gave her some antibiotics. I'm worried about her - I really hope she gets better soon. She's normally so lively, but she has been so lethargic today. I really hope she perks up soon.

Anyway, I'd better go now,

Night night,

Holly xxxxx


LarryC said...

Oh my, poor little Violet. Sure hope she makes a speedy recovery.

Wolfgang said...

Gute Besserung Deiner Katze! Bin gespannt auf Dein neues Lied.

LarryC said...

Learned something new today! I just looked up 'Cubase' on Wikipedia because I had never heard of it. Wow!

Sure hope Violet is OK today.

Anonymous said...

oh either the message I wrote just before hospital didn't post or was removed - how is the baby Vi doing, I wont be up on the pc much in the next week, it really hurts sitting up but will check in to see if there is improvement. love and light Susan xxxx

LarryC said...

Great to hear your voice again, Suz. Hope the surgery went well.

<-- Wondering about Violet...

Holly said...

Hi everyone :)
Violet is much better now thankyou - she's full of beans again - probably more so than before! lol.
Oh dear, I really hope you feel better soon Susan. :( Lots of hugs sent your way - I'm just trying to record a song at the mo - but if I have time later I'll come on and write a proper blog.
Lots of love,
Holly xoxoxoxox
P.S - Cubase is cool Larry, just a bit tricky to use! lol :-S

LarryC said...

Thanks, Holly! I was really concerned about little Violet. So glad to hear she is OK!

Cubase looks miles over my head, lol. Just now getting the hang of WMM, lol!

LarryC said...

WMM... and that is with a single mp3 and a few jpgs, lol!