Thursday, 2 July 2009

First time at the Buddle

The gig last night was really cool. The Adventurists ( ) were amazing - as were the other support acts - Zoe Eady, who can be found here - and Rose Millard and Ed Miller (I don't know about their site). It was really informal and such a great atmosphere. Daniel and Sam (The Adventurists) were really cool and completely at ease in front of the audience. I learnt a lot. I sang the songs that I said I would in my post yesterday minus I Live Through the Song (there are those italics again!) but I swapped around Topsy Turvy World and Gone For Good. I keep mentioning that song but you haven't heard it yet. You will soon in some form I expect.
Here's a pic...

Well, it's Leavers tonight. I'd better get practising.

I'll speak to you tomorrow,
Holly xxxxx


LarryC said...

Wow! Sounds great! Glad you had a great time!

LarryC said...

WOW! What a song that lies beneath this photo!

by The Screening Room :)

LarryC said...

BTW, Holly, I shared *something* with our Suz today, and she emailed me back, and said this:


ahhh now I know what this song is - please tell her 'well done' from me, she will understand!



mum said...

I guess you will know too Larry, from the mention in my mail to you.
Writing it helped her a lot.
Suz...the song to the words :)

LarryC said...

I think I am a bit lost. :)

mum said...

Oh dear! too now :)
Your inbox may solve it...I only said 'may' :)

LarryC said...

Thank, mum. Yep, that solved it, lol. It seems that I am a bit dense sometimes. :)

LarryC said...

Just noticed that Holly is listening to Tanita Tikaram. Cool! She is awesome. I posted her in our Artist/Groups thread a while back, lol!

Wolfgang said...

Wieder treffe ich ,diesmal bei Tanita Tikaram, auf diese Gegenüberstellung von Realität zu Möglichkeit. Werden wir nicht zu früh in die Armenhäuser der Realität verbannt? Gesellschaft als Ort der gegenseitigen Verbannung?