Sunday, 28 June 2009

Violet's first video

Hello again - woah! Two posts in a day! lol

Here's a little video of Violet - hope you like it! :)

Night night xxxxx


LarryC said...

Golly day! Violet is so cute, lol. Watching a kitten play and learn is surely one of life's greatest little joys. She will always be there to share a happy moment with you. Nice work with the video too.

Hmmm... Vrollyhook? :)

Thanks for sharing this lovely video!

David Macauley said...

Wow that is one sweetie and I am a dog person but I was blown away by Violet. It made me smile so much. If it won't scare Violet, I uploaded a brand new vid of Spoggy today WITH SOUND, well it is pretty much me talking to Spoggy but yes you can hear us Aussies. Yep Maybe Auntie Holly better watch that one AFTER Violet has gone to bed! love and hugs Susan (and Spoggy)

LarryC said...

BTW, I have heard of "A Boy Named Sue". That was the title of a Johnny Cash song. But never before have I heard of "A Cat Named Dave". :)

Hmmm... Vrollybrave?

I am losing it, folks! :)

TV said...

Hihi, those kittens are all the same :D
I wonder, if they speak the same language... behaviour is quite similar :P
The treeclimbing thing is in fact really cute :)