Sunday, 21 June 2009


Today has consisted of clearing up the mess that I made on Thursday with my little tidying spree. I'm getting there! lol. I need to do loads of work in my room though. My room is really small so I'd like to get rid of one whole unit. I have a couple of chests of drawers and a computer desk at the mo all squished in and I'd like to get rid of the computer desk. It'll take a while. :-S

I went shopping yesterday and had a good browse, it was nice not to have to rush home to study! Yaay! :)

I think I'm going to blog every other day or so now. Then at least I'll actually (kind of) have a bit more to say!


Holly xxxxx


Wolfgang said...

Here it starts raining. Today there was a television programme in German TV about the Isle of Wight Festival 2007. Donovan and many others.
Also an report about the festival of 1970 with 600 000 people. Jimi Hendrix was there, shortly before he died in September. Bittersweet memories.

LarryC said...

That must have really felt great to not be pressured by the need to study. Glad you enjoyed your day!

Wolfgang said...

This poem is a child of the night

Dark noon

An altar is this lonely shelf
An altar is this wooden hill,
a place to burn, a place to kill
I cannot recognize myself
I cannot see the sign, the tree
Don't know, whether it's you or me
Hiding in a barren land
between the stones, eyes full of sand
Who is my friend, my enemy?