Friday, 12 June 2009

Music exam

Today I had a music exam. It went absolutely horribly. I mean it, I'm not just saying that. It did. I had 3 hours in which to do the exam and about 20 bars of baroque counterpoint music to compose. I wrote about 5 bars in 2 hours, just to put things into perspective. I managed to finish it, but I have no idea what it sounded like in the end as I literally just wrote down fairly random I'm unlikely to get any marks there. Hmmm. I have two more music exams next week and then that's it for all of my exams.

I've also been practising for the Festival. Hopefully it'll go OK.

I'd better go now,

Night night xxxxx


LarryC said...

Almost home free now. Hang in there. I hope you can enjoy the Festival and let your hair down a bit. I will be with you in spirit!

Anonymous said...

Larry is right - hang in there :)
Put it behind you and forget about it...onwards and upwards to your gap year and a break from all of this exam lark ;):DDDDD