Monday, 29 June 2009

Mondaaaaaay :)

Well helloooo :)

Today we took Violet for a check up - just to make sure everything's good. She's definitely a Violet by the way - rather than a Wilfred or a Dave - that's one of the things I wanted the vet to check. lol :) So she's definitely a little baby girly. She weighs just under a kilo at the mo which is pretty light!

And today she did such a cute thing too. :) She went over to her carrier and opened the door, went in, closed it behind her and fell asleep! It was soooo cute. :) And yesterday she got one of Dad's shoes off the rack and dragged it into the other room. :) She's having a little snooze now. Ooh and she also discovered the stairs today - so I was a bit of a nervous wreck this morning! She did a bit of a balancing act across the banister and I was getting ready to catch her below. :-S Mum and I have put some cardboard around the very top bit now though, and she whizzes up and down the stairs. :)

I've also been practising a few songs today for a private function that I'm playing at tomorrow. I should be doing about a twenty minute set - so four or five songs. That should be quite fun. :)

I'd better go now,

Night night xxxxx


LarryC said...

Hope I can get this comment in-the cable is messing up...

I bet that *was* cute when Violet went in and closed her door behind her, lol. She will be great entertainment as she explores the pad. Glad she checked out OK.

Have fun at the function tomorrow and please do tell us more!

Anonymous said...

Excellent that you got a vet check. We have a fab vet here. A kilo, seems a lot, lately my weighing has been birdies, and Spoggy is a fat 42 grams (about 7 grams above average) - how cute her antics are and I am sure it will be just fine with the stairs, cardboard or material through the gaps works well but it wont take it long to learn what the stairs are for and how to use them.

Knock em dead at your private gig - that sounds so posh! LOL love and hugs - the Tasmanian crew xxxx

Anonymous said...

I hope the gig went well dear sweet Holly. I have a feeling it was special! I will mostly be offline for a fortnight while I catch up with my Spoggy article and my new job and spending time with David. I think you may have another gig before the 15th? If so I hope it goes fantastically too. Take care and I send my love to all the family and to Baby Vi - have fun spending time with your new baby! It's such a great time when you have a new pet. Love and light Susan and David and Spoggy woos. xxxx