Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Less than a daaaaaaaaaay...!

Oh. my. days. This time tomorrow I would have finished my exams. Aaaaaaaah! Ben says it's a weird feeling. I bet it is actually, must say I'm looking forward to it though. :) Aaaaaaaah!

Anyway, I'd better go now.


Holly xxxxx


LarryC said...

Ben nailed it. I can still remember that 'weird feeling' over four decades ago very well. A mixture of happiness, relief, anticipation, dread and anxiety. However it feels, it is surely one of life's big milestones. Yep, yep. Things might seem really mixed up and dynamic for a bit but it all will settle down with a bit of time. You guys will be fine. Remember, "Easy does it", as you get your feet wet in the next-new phase of life. It is more comfortable to wade rather than jump into a cold pool of water.

I will be thinking about you tomorrow. If you are like I was, it may be a bit sad in a way, so be ready for an emotional day, just in case, lol. Best wishes!

LarryC said...


I just saw on Twitter, via RSS feed that the exams are finished. Knowing you are a very excited young lady today! :) Enjoy!