Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Hydro Strike

I thought I'd write my blog earlier today as I'm really tired.

Brooke came round this evening which was good. We went out in the garden and played Hydro Strike. It's a game that I got ages ago - it's sort of like a pinball game thing but...I know. I'll just put a picture of it up - you'll be able to see from that.

Well. Brooke won. And I was trying too! To start with I kept getting points and she kept getting sprayed with water so then I told her how to do it properly and after that I think I lost about every game. And the game was "first to get to five" for about 6 rounds. I think she won all but 1.

Apart from that I've been revising English Lit and German all day.

I'd best be off now. I'm WELL tired.

Night xxxxx


LarryC said...

Poor Holly. Maybe if you were to put something real sweet in there, like melted Popsicle, she would let you win more? Ya gotta think strategy here, lol.

H said...

lol - good thinking Larry! :D I'll remember that one!
About the grow bags - I think they have tiny tiny holes. Just wondering - why do they have to have holes? I'm such a great gardener! lol...

LarryC said...

Holly, if they did not have holes in the bottoms, when it rained, the bags would fill up with water and the roots would rot. It is like flower pots have those holes in their bottoms for the same reason. :)

LarryC said...

I came back here to get that Festival link, and have been reading all about that thing. Wow, what a huge shindig that is going to be! Please keep us posted with any new developments.

LarryC said...

Whoa! How about that one in 1970. That is said to be the biggest ever live music event seen in the UK, at East Afton Farm. Jimmy Hendeix came on at midnight and you just know, that place was rockin'. That was three weeks before he died. About that time, I was just starting to think I might live after Woodstock in late 1969! :)