Sunday, 28 June 2009

Garden update

Hello :) I thought I'd do a quick update on the plants. :) It's almost looking like a jungle out there now!
So firstly... here are Mum's cucumber plants and they're getting preeeeetty big!

And next up...
Holly's pepper plants, also looking pretty big! It's funny - these two (and one other) are in a different sort of grow bag to the other 6 I've got - and they're coming on so much better. Why it's a little strange is because, as you can probably see, the grow bag in the picture has lots of tomatoes on the side and is called a 'giant tomato planter' - but the other grow bags actually have pictures of peppers on and they're hardly half the size of these. Curious...very curious... (no peppers for a while yet!)
A jungle of tomato plants - mine are a different to my Dad's. He's doing hanging basket ones, whereas I'm doing the 'Shirley' variety. That's my excuse for the fact that mine hardly have any flowers yet, and the fact that Dad has a couple of tomatoes growing already...grrrr...

Yeah alright...don't rub it in...
Mum's potatoes in a bag - doing really well...

And Mum's runner beans which are exceeeedingly tall and growing extremely quickly!

And Violet is an absolute sweetie too...

She fell asleep on my feet today. :) She's having a little snooze in her bed (which is also her carrier) at the mo. We did get her a really cute separate bed - the one you can see to the left of the picture above but she likes to sleep on a little faux sheepskin blanket thing in her carrier. I'll try to upload a little video later if I can get it to work! :-S


Holly xxxxx


LarryC said...

Very nice pictures! Thank you for sharing. Yes, that looks like quite a jungle you guys are getting there, lol. And just think, not so long ago you were waiting for the seeds to sprout. It is such a beautiful thing to watch them grow, mature and then bare fruit. Tomato flowers are so pretty. And the white pepper ones are as well. Tomatoes started out as ornamentals here way back when. Lovely plants.

Mum, if you were to put something like a lattice or whatever close to those cucumbers, they will climb right up there and give you delightful hanging fruits. Tomatoes like to climb too. I once had some all the way up to the roof from the flower bed, lol. They went through a tall shrub.

Little Violet is so precious. Just cannot wait to see her in action!

Thanks again for the lovely pictures and hope you all have a wonderful day!

LarryC said...

Oops! Just wanted to say how much I like the little bee and dragonfly in the welcome sign, lol. Very nice!

mum said...

Hi Larry :)
Thankyou for the advice. I have never grown cucumbers before and was wondering what to do next - lol. They are growing really quickly as the weather has been glorious lately. I will see what I can create. I may have to put them against the workshop where I have some sweet peas growing up some lattice work :)
Have a wonderful Sunday. I hope the weather is good with you too :)

LarryC said...

Mum, you better had not consider that as advice per se as I am the only person I have ever seen do that, lol. It happened by accident too. The things got into a 2.5M tall thingy made from pipe to display a lovely Wisteria plant (vine) and went to town. It was quite comical to see the cucumbers hanging in there though. They are a vine though, just like tomatoes and will do amazing things when given the opportunity. So, beware but have some fun!

And yes, the weather is just awesome here! BEAUTIFUL!

mum said...

Wow! I bet it looked amazing and a little comical :D
It says on the seed packet - great tasting small fruits - so don't know how small, they could be like courgettes - lol. I'll keep you posted!

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