Saturday, 13 June 2009


I'm veeeeeery tired. Today was the Festival and it was kind of draining. I was so nervous beforehand and I think that definitely showed when I was first up there. Telling the audience that I was nervous was probably a bigger clue though.

Loads of my friends were there which was good, they were very supportive. I think due to the fact that I was so nervous the audience kind of felt that they were taking me under their wing so to speak. All in all I did okay, but I think I could have done better. The only gig that I've felt properly pleased with is the Quay Arts Acoustic Originals evening.

At the end quite a few people came up to me and said that they enjoyed my set and did I have a business card - so I dished some out. I met some really great artists who were in the Kashmir Cafe as I stuck around for a bit afterwards. Also, some people came up and asked me for my autograph which was rather strange! lol. And the same group of people asked me for a photo too, which I thought was kind of funny. :)

Anyway, I'd better go now. I'm very tired.

Night night xxxxx


LarryC said...

Excellent! I saw you on the schedule for the Kashmir Cafe. Why would you find it strange that someone would want your picture and autograph... I know I would just love to have an autographed picture :)

Yeah, I bet you were nervous. That takes a lot of ... something I sure do not have, to get up there in front of an audience and perform. But, I bet it was great. The song lineup was awesome. Hope you rest well! You deserve it!

Anonymous said...

Holly dear one, do not be so hard on yourself. Playing at the Isle of Wight festival is A HUGE ACHEIVEMENT - if people are asking you for a card or an autograph, take that as a very big compliment to your talents. Love yourself and be gentle with yourself even though I know what it is like to be a perfectionist too. I know of many BIG world name acts who have been nervous the first time they play somewhere and for you, you have even more excuse to be nervous because so many you know are in the audience. It is not easy to perform to your friends and family and you know, they know your songs and if you do something differently but the other new people listening do not - I remember the first time I heard and saw you and it was SO WONDERFUL - and that is what those lucky people saw yesterday - let them take you under their wing, that is fine, but you ARE amazing Holly. I bet you were outstanding but you are framing it differently in your mind.


Wolfgang said...

A picture and a autograph is something that is fix, like a judgement, you can put in a box and possess it.
Music is a process, something fluent, a demon (a good one ;-))in you.
I often think, people are seeking for security by having something, like many women are buying more shoes than they could wear. Hunters and gatherer.
But don't they kill the spirit of music by doing this?

LarryC said...

Very well put, Suz. You have a wonderful way with words and I surely do agree with them! And you know something... I can still remember the first time, way back when, that I saw and heard Holly for the first time as well. I said, "WOW!"! And I still say it, lol! Holly is a precious gift to this world of ours, and Suz, so are you!