Monday, 8 June 2009


Ok, so the isolation thing was actually OK. No one was sitting with me and I wasn't really watched that much, I was just on my own in a room, eating my lunch and reading a book.

It was quite a tough day really, with 6 hours of exams, but it was alright. I think they went OK too. I can never really tell until results day, but fingers crossed! Nothing went horribly wrong...I hope.

Well I'm a tad tired now, I'd best be off to bed.

Night night xxxxx


LarryC said...

Glad the exams went OK. I can vaguely remember the 'very good' feeling of finishing an exam and knowing it went well. A great feeling! Congrats!

Palhadein said...

I'm glad for you too ! The problem with exams is that you instantly know if you were bad, but never sure when you were great !
But I'm sure you were great !!