Sunday, 7 June 2009


Today I've been revising for my exams tomorrow. I have English Literature (the War section) and my German exam. They are actually scheduled at the same time. (These exam boards happen to be very intelligent measurers of intelligence...)

So due to the simultaneous scheduling I have to sit my German exam in the morning - before anyone else in the country who doesn't also have an English exam at the same time - which means that from the moment that I finish the German exam and start the English one I have to be supervised/put in isolation. It's in case I wish to tell anyone what's in the exam. Which sort of makes sense...but why would I do that?! I'm the only student in our whole school doing A2 German. So the whole isolation thing seems a bit pointless both for me and the person who has to watch me eat my lunch and escort me to the tinkle tank. Never mind.

So now I'm just preparing for an early night and listening to Kelly Clarkson's Breakaway...oh and typing too. It's hard to believe that this time next week I will have very nearly finished my exams and also performed at the Festival. It's strange, but I don't really feel like it's the end of school as I'm going back to do choir next year.

We have our Leavers' Ball in July...that should be good. I'd better go and try my dress on actually - see if it fits.

Anyhow, I'd best be off.


Holly xxxxx


The Almighty Bird of Terror! said...

I never thought, that somewhere could be worse organisation than here :D There were lots of mistakes in mathmatics questions this year.

Oh, I hope you will upload a photo of your's, Holly in a ballroom dress must be a wonderful thing to look at ;)

LarryC said...

You sure have a lot going on. But, pssst... enjoy it while it lasts. Some day you will look back with fond memories! :)