Thursday, 4 June 2009


Wow! This is my 50th post. Coooool. :)

As I'm having a gap year next year I'm going back to school once each week to run the school choir. I was in the choir in Year 9. We had about 40 people then and it was brilliant, but it's sort of fizzled a little bit since then. We haven't really had a choir at all this year actually. But things will change next year! ;)

I'll try to get some songs sorted for when we get back to school. I'm thinking so far...

After the Goldrush (one that we did in year 9 - but with a whole new choir though)
Hallelujah... (possibly?)
hmmm...I'm still thinking of others.

I'd better go now.

Night night xxxxx

2 comments: said...

And your choir did actually work?! I don't want to think about our's...

LarryC said...

Awesome! The choir will be fortunate to have you.