Friday, 29 May 2009

A Thursday

Hellooooooo! :) It's currently 4 minutes past midnight here, but I'm guessing it's still yesterday in America? ;)

I'm currently at Ben's house. We met this afternoon and went for a nice walk along the seafront and got a reeeeeeeeally nice ice cream. Peach and mango :) mmmmmmm...

When we got back to Ben's he made me some tea (curry :) yummyyyyy...) with jelly and fruit for pudding! I LOVE jelly! :) and then we played Mario Kart on the Nintendo Wii for ages and now we're just watching a bit of telly before going to sleep. (QI (with Stephen Fry) brilliant programme!)

Anyway I'd better go now. :)

Night night xxxxx


Wolfgang said...

I'm wide awake. The radio watch of my neighbour is terrorizing the total world, but not this guy. Holly listen hard, you will hear: "When you have a bad day..." I am going kill him n o w...;-)(((. ...... You're still sleeping on your island. Oooh no!!!! "Wake me up, when september ends..." Where is my gun, where is it?

Wolfgang said...

Aah, there it is! Solid 8.8cm. Loaded...F E U E R!!!.... S I L E E E N C E? The guy must be dead!!! Sure, I can see it through this tiny hole in the wall. But his radio watch...still working. Nena: "Hab Dich lang nicht mehr gesehn, werd mal zu Dir rübergehn..." Das darf doch nicht wahr sein?...

Wolfgang said...

Nun auf Deutsch:
Der Radiowecker des Nachbarn schweigt. An Schlaf ist dennoch nicht zu denken. Ich lese ein paar Holly-Gedichte. Dann schau ich mir ein paar alte Carpenter-Songs an.
Karen ist nun schon über 26 Jahre tot. Sie starb an den Folgen einer Anorexie.
Und da ist diese tiefe Trauer in mir. Obwohl ich erst im Februar auf Karen und ihre Stimme aufmerksam wurde.
Ich empfinde die gleiche Trauer, wenn ich in die großen klugen Augen der Magersüchtigen blicke, die unsere Beratungsstelle aufsuchen oder in die Schnittwunden der Borderline-Patientinnen.
Es gibt Momente in den Videos von Karen, es sind nur Millisekunden, da scheint alles Leid der Welt sich in einem Punkt zu fokussieren. Was ist das? Was fasziniert mich so, was macht mir Angst? Gibt es ein traurigeres Lied als "Crescent noon"? Ein Abschiedsgesang mitten im Leben.

"Green September

Burned to October brown

Bare November

Led to December's frozen ground

The seasons stumbled round

Our drifting lives are bound

To a falling crescent noon"

Die Lösung ist verschlüsselt:

"Somewhere in

A fairytale forest lies one

Answer that is waiting to be heard"

Ich muss dieses Rätsel lösen!!!...

"Your request could not be processed. Please try again"

LarryC said...

You guys are making me hungry what with all those yummies, lol.

And you are right about the time. 12:04am there would have been 7:04pm here. I just awoke from a nap and it is 2:07am now here but already 7:07am in IOW! Five hours difference in our times.

Hope you guys have a great day!

Wolfgang said...

Hallo guys,
I'm back home from work. I feel good, but a little bit tired (Last night, the radio watch of my rememember?)Now I will watch a video on synaesthesia, body image and other interesting things from Vilayanur Ramachandran, a rather famous neuropsychologist. "Synaesthesia in Mystical traditions" on Youtube. Everything from this fellow is great stuff. You will like it.

Wolfgang said...

Hallo Holly,
I have read all your poems! Especially I like "To Ireland I'll away". I will print it on my printer and it will guide me through Ireland the next two weeks like a good friend.
I hate to say you have "talent", because it will not hit the point. It is much more than this. Many of the produced artists in the music business today have nothing to say, what has not been already said.
You are different, because your poems and songs are personal, but also universal. They are often very emotional and your original songs, that I love most, are so poetic, that I cannot find the right words for it. About your beautiful voice I will talk, when I'm back from Ireland.;.)
Why these compliments? Often compliments are made and than it is said: "You should do this or that." That is not my intention. I only want to express my feelings and what I'm thinking.

Allright that's all. OOh, I am occupating the whole commentspace. Larry, where are you? Take over! Da war noch der Teufel aus Deuschland??? Meine Herren, bitteschön!

Holly did you read my German snail poems? I hope you like it.
When I was a kid, I watched snails in front of my school building for hours and hours. They are not moving like other animals, they seem to grow into their movements. Ballet of perfect harmony.

H said...

Hi Wolfgang, - yes - lol - I did read the poems - they're brilliant - and very creative! Thankyou very much :) I hope you have a wonderful time with your wife in Ireland. I'm glad you like my poem. :)
Take care - Gute Reise! :)