Sunday, 31 May 2009


Today I've been revising again. What a surprise! lol. I also took a bit of time out to re-pot my plants. I tell you - it's really hard work - it was really warm today. (and I didn't even get a tan! lol) Oh well.

I'd better go now, it's getting late.


Holly xxxxx


LarryC said...

Well, if worse comes to worse, I hear that you can get 'bottled tan', lol.
So you must never gonna put those plants into the ground, I guess.
Some folks around here that live in the high-rise apartments in the city, grow them in five gallon buckets on their outdoor balconies. Great idea, actually!

H said...

Hi Larry :)
I put them in grow bags yesterday - that's the final stage now! Lots of watering to do though! lol. :) I'll take a picture today. Our patio looks like a nursery! lol. :)

LarryC said...

Wow! You guys can become vegetarians now, lol. Two or three plants used to make more tomatoes than I could eat! One year, I planted twelve tomatoes & twelve green Bell Peppers in the back yard and could not even give them all away, there were so many! When they come, they really, really come, too! But, it is so much fun to watch them grow and care for them. :)

Ah yes, I remember I stewed lots of the tomatoes/peppers and then froze them. That was cool to add to soups and such. And fried green ones (tomatoes) are out of this world!

Me, myself and I ;) said...

Don't worry Larry - I have already bought a preserving pan - lol. I bought it to make marmalade but it looks like I may be using it for chutneys too :) It's a shame the USA are so picky about having foodstuffs sent over your way ;)

LarryC said...

Good thinking. At least you will be able to deal with the onslaught. Tomato marmalade might be cool? lol :)

H said...

Awww tomato marmalade!?! YES!!! :D