Monday, 18 May 2009

Lazy Days

Hello thaaaaaaar :)

Not really much to report today either! I got my results back for a mock exam on War Literature and I got an A! Hooray! It's a shame it wasn't the real thing! :-S

I only have a week left of proper school. Next week we have a holiday and after that the exams start with a vengeance. And when they finish, school ends! It's strange to think that after about 14 years of school it's all going to end. A very odd sensation. I remember after finishing my GCSEs (the compulsory bit of school) I felt at a complete loose end. It's strange thinking that you don't HAVE to do anything. I'm quite looking forward to that feeling though. Just lazing down the beach with my lovely Ben, writing songs, making videos, growing plants, watching Alan Rickman films...just the thought of it is making me tear up! lol. I got an Alan Rickman film (Rasputin) for my 18th birthday and I haven't even taken it out of the plastic yet because I've had so little time! Unbelievable.

Anyway I'd better go to bed now,

Night night xxxxx

P.S - When the summer holidays arrive I'm going to put on one of my favourite Enya tracks. I've been holding off playing it so that it can be my treat/reward for getting through the exams!

Here 'tis... (I haven't listened to it yet!)

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LarryC said...

School is nearly over now and a chapter of your life ends as another one opens. With memories, we can go always go back and read those closed chapters but but we are unable to ever change the copy (print).

Your strange feelings and sensations are quite normal as this is a major life event. There will be more to come and I am sure that you will proceed with blessings, happiness and confidence.

Relax a little. You are doing great!