Thursday, 7 May 2009

Honey Don't...I mean it. :P

Hi everyone,

Today has been a day of work, work, a pot noodle and a bit more work. I've been working on a presentation for my music lesson tomorrow. It's taking me ages because I want to make it interesting.

It's about 'Honey Don't' by Carl Perkins. Rockabilly isn't really my favourite genre but now I know all about it! lol - perhaps not everything - but I'm actually finding it more interesting than I thought I would. Perhaps I'll post my PowerPoint presentation here when I've finished (and I've worked out how to!).

I ought to go to bed now, I'm sorry this has been a very short and boring post. I'm exhausted! I've just realised that I've spent about 12 hours on this far! :-S

Tomorrow's post should be more interesting - a space-hopper arrived in the post today - I'll explain tomorrow. ;)

Night night xxxxx

1 comment:

LarryC said...

12 hours is a lot of time to spend and I bet it is going to be very interesting. Hope you can get the pps posted.

Now, I am off to see what is a 'pot noodle' and a 'space-hopper', lol.