Friday, 1 May 2009


Today I got up - and felt very prepared - a tad nervous! - but still prepared. I knew that I'd done my best to revise and learn my topic and that was all I could do. So I walked down the corridor and into the classroom where we wait before our exams, and a couple of minutes past 9 o'clock my teacher came to get me.

"Right Holly, I've got some bad news..."

The exam board had forgotten to send my exam paper.

How could that happen!? Apparently it was meant to arrive in March! - But school still hadn't received it. Our exams officer tried to follow it up this morning - asking where it was, and they said something along the lines of..."Oh. Yes. We'll just send it!" I think our headteacher also phoned the exam board to complain.

It's so incredibly annoying. I thought I was going to be able to have a nice relaxing bank holiday weekend - knowing that my speaking exam had been done!

This is going to be my last post for a couple of days by the way - I'm going camping with Ben. :) - which will be cool - hopefully it won't rain! I'll take some photos. I'll be away until Monday.

I'd better go now,

I hope you have/had a good day.xxxxxx

P.S - If you would ever like me to to talk about anything in particular/ask any questions then please just say in the comments. :)


LarryC said...

Oh my goodness, lol! Well, the bright side is that you will be really, really well prepared after this 'practice' preparation. Oh my.

Hope you and Ben have a lovely time out in nature in the spring. Please remember to leave all the fragrances at home unless you like the company of bugs. And mosquitoes are less attracted to light (white is best) colors. Have fun!

LarryC said...

A request: Most likely you would anyway, but I would love to hear about the sights, sounds and smells of nature during your trip. Spring is my favorite season and I surely have never experienced it in the UK, lol!