Monday, 11 May 2009

Hair and Headphone Discos

Tomorrow I'm going to get my hair cut - I booked my appointment on Saturday. I think I'm going for a long-ish bob, but I'm really not sure, I'm just trying to find a photo to take with me. I just feel like I want to try things out. I'm getting a bit fed up with having long hair so am going to try a little shorter.

I went REALLY short once when I was about thirteen, and didn't really like it, but I don't plan on going THAT short this time...argh I'm so confused! lol

Well, by tomorrow I would've had SOMETHING done! lol :-S (that was a nervous laugh)


I have my first proper exam this Friday - my AS-Level German resit. I'm quite nervous. I've been preparing lots though so I shouldn't be. I only just realised today how little time I have left at school.

It'll be sad leaving all of my friends, though I guess we'll still meet up. It'll also be weird still being on the island whilst they're all off at Uni. I'm actually quite looking forward to Uni now. I'm thinking more about Surrey now - the Creative Music Technology course - it's the offer that I've accepted. I just need to get BBC grades for my A-Levels and I should be in. I think that's the one I'll choose. (They even do a module in Celtic music! :))

When Dad and I went to have a look at the Uni we were taken on a tour and the students told us about these headphone discos they have. There are two DJs at the front of the room and each member of the audience is given a set of wireless headphones and they can choose which DJ they'd like to listen to. Apparently it's really funny as the room is just filled with lots of people who a shuffling about and muttering the words to different songs. :D It sounds like my cuppa tea! :)

Anyway, I'd better go now,

Lots of love,


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LarryC said...

All of that sounds so exciting! And I am sure it is!

Hey, I just had a brainstorm regarding your four mile bouncing trip. It looked like you were coming back down from each bounce very quickly, and that creates more work. So, how about this: Maybe fill the ballon with helium instead of air. Hydrogen would work well too, if you can find any, but carry a fire extinguisher. Well, maybe it would only need 50% or so? You would have to experiment a bit. How would it be to make 25-50 foot (or meter) hops? lol Just be careful or you might float away like you did at the end of '99 Luft Ballons'! :)

Please let us see your new hair too!