Sunday, 24 May 2009

For Larry

I'm just off to bed now, but before I go I'd just like to say a big thankyou to Larry for all of his brill comments. :) And also I'd like to say - yes, you are on the right page ;) revising = studying = boringness! lol. Well...not always boringness. It depends what the topic is.

I'd best be off now,

Night night xxxxx

P.S - My tomato plants are getting pretty big now - I'll try to post a picture tomorrow! Sleep well xxx


LarryC said...

TY, Holly, lol. Yep. It does depend on the subject doesn't it? My beginning university days were non-matriculated so I could study only what I wanted, and in any order I liked. The point is, I wanted to learn about biology so it came easy. In fact, my first class was 102 instead of 101, which was full and closed when I registered, and guess what! I made the highest grade in the class even without the prerequisite 101. A 48.9 out of a possible 50 ( I made a careless error on the final exam). Interest is everything, lol.

When I hit a snag in math, in genetics (biochemistry), I branched off into math for a few years and loved it so much too. When I lived in the swamp, I used to read text books by kerosine light for night time entertainment, lol. Now that is bad! Or is it just interest? Who, in their right mind would study abstract mathmatics for leisure? Puzzles? lol

What it is is water under the bridge. Anyway, I am happy to hear about your plants. Those things grow so fast! Cannot wait to see them! said...

Too bad, that you don`t receive good marks for hating subjects. I'd definitely get an A in hating religion, math and music :D

But interest is not everything, I'm very good in english, but I'm completely not interested in it. Reading Shakespear would be much more interesting, but it is harder to read, so I'd decline.

I really admire you for revising so constantly, Holly. It's a hard challange not to stop because of disinclination.