Saturday, 30 May 2009


Well, I've just finished watching Britain's Got Talent and I'm off to bed soon. I'm really pleased that Diversity won. Their choreography was absolutely incredible. I'm not usually a fan of dance groups but they were simply amazing. I was reeeeeeally surprised that Susan Boyle didn't win as she has followers all over the world. I wonder how she'll take her loss. She's been catapulted into the limelight and now she'll probably just fade into the background. Well possibly not. I don't know. I expect she'll feel like a huge weight has been lifted off her shoulders.

Today I've been revising Lyrical Ballads by Wordsworth and Coleridge. I think I've finally got the hang of understanding them! lol. When I read them in my head, they make very little sense to me...but today I tried reading them aloud and it really helped me to understand them. Especially the more conversational poems like 'The Nightingale' and 'Tintern Abbey'. They flow beautifully.

My festival slot was confirmed today too. :) I'm playing a 45 minute set on the Saturday of the festival on a small stage in a cafe tent - which is really cool. Apparently they have big cushions and stuff for people in the tent to sit on. It just sounds really cuppa tea. :)

I'd best be off now, bedtime.

Night night xxxxx


LarryC said...

Playing the Festival! All right! That is great news. From what I read, that is going to be one awesome event. Wish I could be there. :(

Hopefully, big Sis can take a pic or two for us 'furiners', lol. :)

H said...

Hey Larry! I know! Cool, huh? :D PBS isn't going to be there. Neither is Mum or Dad - tickets are so expensive - Hundred and something pounds. :S Luckily I get free entrance because I'm playing. lol. :)

Wolfgang said...

Hello Holly,
you gave me the last piece in my jigsaw puzzle.

Danke Wolfgang

Conclusio (gewidmet Peter Sloterdijk und vier Frauen)

In Heidelberg nicht weit vom Schloss
fiel ich in einen Traum.
Ich seh' mich sitzend unter einem Baum,
da birst der Erde Schoß.

Die Hand so zart, die Hand so mild,
die ich ich so lang vermisst,
die zieht mich zu sich nieder,
mein Herz schlägt wild,
mein Herz schlägt laut,
nie hab' ich sie geküsst.

Es naht der Tag, es naht das Licht,
die Erde weiter schwindet,
ich sehe I h r e Lippen blau,
ich seh' das Land, ich seh die Frau,
ich seh' das blut'ge Band, das beide uns verbindet.

Die schwarze Perle, die man zu dem Zweck,
dass S i e auf ewig schweige
in ihren Mund gelegt,
sie fällt heraus,
und ich zu I h r mich neige.

S i e spricht zu mir:
„D u fehlst mir so!
doch konnt' ich n i e dir diese Worte sagen.
Ich war gebannt in meiner Gruft,
in Nächten und an Tagen.“

„Die Zeit ward lang, der Raum mir eng in dieser kalten Kammer“
Ich sag' zu ihr:
„Nun sind wir eins!
Zu Ende all der Jammer“

Ich seh' S i e an, S i e blickt zurück,
Die Blicke fallen tief,
Ich wache auf, dort unterm Baum,
Wie lange ich wohl schlief?

Ich kenn' nun, was mein Herz gequält,
mein ganzes Leben lang,
das Zauberwort, das mir gefehlt,
nun ist mir nicht mehr bang. said...