Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Waterloo Road

As you can see - the video worked! Phew! :) Hope it's OK!

Today was my favourite day of the week (ok, apart from the weekend perhaps) - Wednesday for me is known as Waterloo Road Day. HOORAAAAAAY! :D

Waterloo Road is a TV program - to which I am completely addicted. I don't think there's any other word for it. It's a strange sensation, looking forward to a certain day JUST because a TV show is on. But it's a great show. I don't know why I like it so much. Maybe I can relate to it because it's set in a school or something? I don't know...BUT I LOVE IT!!! :D

Oops...this is turning into a bit of a Waterloo Road shrine...

Anyway! I'd better go now as I need to wash my hair! But before I do I'd just like to put a link to a video made by a friend of mine called Tom (you may recognise the music in the background.) :)

I'd best be off now...

Night night xxxx


LarryC said...

Wow! What an exciting post today! Waterloo Road...not being familiar with it, I am curious as to what it could be that interests you so much. I am the same way about one TV show but it only comes on three months of the year (thank goodness),lol.

And Tom's video was one of the best liked I have seen. Beautiful! And of course I need not even comment on the music choice as you already know my feelings about that, but I will just say that there could have been no better choice for that video. It was simply awesome!

So, do you call that thing a 'Low Whistle, or a 'Tin Whistle', or both... Both, I think. It has a lovely sound and looks like it would take real skill to work the fingers like that. Wow! Just thinking what you could do with that thing in the right song! That might would even be dangerous, lol. j/k :)

Palhadein said...

@ Larry : Holly would probably make a better answer but it seems to me that it's a low whistle. A tin whistle is (logically) littler and its sound is an octave higher than the low whistle (and, believe me, the higher notes are the most difficult to play ! ;-) ).
It's the first time I hear a low whistle solo and it's a really interesting sound ! Thanks Holly... And thanks to make me discover a place in my country that I didn't knew. Tom's video is really nice !

LarryC said...

Thanks, Noel. :) It has a hauntingly beautiful, doesn't it!