Monday, 20 April 2009

War poets, a gig and plants.

Well today was my first day back after the Easter Holidays.

Obviously things were a little tense after what us girls found out about over the holidays - the boy who did it wasn't in school and I doubt he will be for a couple of weeks - well that's what people are saying anyway. I don't see why he didn't come in actually - things will be the same whenever he turns up. People will be angry, but I guess that's expected. To be honest, I can't be bothered to be angry anymore. I'll never forgive him, but I think he knows that asking for forgiveness is a bit silly anyway.

Today was a good day actually - I got an English essay back that I did before the holidays and found out that I got an A for it - which is always pretty cool! :) We had to compare a poem by Herman Melville with 'They' by Siegfried Sassoon. Sassoon is one of my favourite poets. Wilfred Owen, Siegfried Sassoon, Robert Graves and Alfred, Lord Tennyson are my four faves (in order)...possibly Alfred Noyes too actually. I have a bit of a soft spot for Wilfred Owen.

I don't know why, but I absolutely love reading war poetry - especially from the First World War. I love finding about the poets too and learning about their lives. I wish there was a whole university course on War Literature - I'd be there in a flash.
I've also been organising a gig today. I'm currently doing some fundraising for the charity 'Building Schools for Africa.' It's a great cause - here's the website...

Our school has to raise £3000 to help build a school - they need £10,000 to build a whole school - so all of the schools in our area are raising £3000 each. If we all reach our targets then I guess they'll have a bit spare. :)
I'm the representative at our school and as the rest of our school council is working hard on doing things for the leavers, I'm doing the fundraising on my own. - It's fun though.

I've designed posters and tickets and now I need to get them printed. Tickets go on sale tomorrow! I could only get the date okayed today, so it's a bit of a rush - the gig is next Thursday - only TEN days to go! Hopefully it'll go well.

Anyway - I think that's all to report today.

Ooooh! the moment I'm growing tomato and pepper plants! I'm so excited! lol - they're the first plants I've grown from seed...I think. They're doing well so far! (Much better than Dad's :P haha) I'm so proud of them. Maybe I'll take a photo that a bit sad? lol.

I'd best be off now - bedtime - and a busy day ahead of me tomorrow. :)

Lots of love,


zmov1 said...

Glad you had a good day. Wonder if that boy would like to visit here...I would just love to meet him. hmmm

Congrats on getting an A on the essay and the noble charity work. That is great!

Please do post a pic of your plants. I would love to see them. My Dad always did that same thing in the flower beds when I was a kid and I followed suite until a few years ago.

A gig! That must be on about the 30th of April then. Oh, how exciting. Can't wait to here more about this!

David said...

Agreed, zmov. We in the Southeastern United States tend to take a dim view toward disrespectful treatment of ladies. NOT that we feel that you females are stupid or childlike, but we still have old-school notions of gentility and gentlemanly conduct.(At least some of us, anyway) I feel that courteous conduct toward my fellow person does not demean me or another whatsoever.
Anyway, whatever he did, I'm sure it'd go over REALLY BADLY down here!
I'd like to see the plants, too. People need to understand that even as brill as you are as a songwriter, musician, and singer, you have a whole world of existence outside of music. I wish I was more like that!
I can't wait to hear more about the gig, myself. And I am sure, my buddy, that you will charm and astound each and every person in the room.

David said...

Also, I want to add...I love what you are doing in a charity realm. It speaks so highly of what a nice person you are. said...

What's abaout that boy? I didn't really understand that...

Anyway, nice to hear the gig thing. I hope, it will be triumphant! And best wishes for your plants :D said...

BTW: Google gave me this username, so it's me, TV.

LarryC said...