Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Tickets and sunshine

There's not really much to report about today. The boy I've been talking about's computer has apparently been seized whilst the photos are circulating the school. There's nothing we can do though, I just have to try to not let it get to me. Easier said than done. :( I did let it get to me today, but I guess it's better to let it out than keep it in.

Today I started selling tickets for the Building Schools For Africa Gig. I sold four :) lol. Lots of people said they were coming - but just didn't have the money on them today. It was only the first day of sales though, I'm hoping there'll be more than four people there in the end! :)

I did a bit of revising out in our garden today which was quite nice (being out in the sun - not revising!) - and I had my german lesson after that.

Anyway, I'd better go.

Night night xxxxx

P.S - I'll try to take a photo of my plants tomorrow. :)


evil.live said...

For some reason I didn't see the post with the story.
May his life be ruined, he deserves that. I hope, those things are quickly found and removed from the internet. But, as stupid as it might sounds, beeing hurt does more harm to you than the thing itself, you will succeed and stand above it.
I'm glad you had a relatively good day,

best wishes and, as I hope, some consolation!
And I'm nervously expecting the plants!

LarryC said...

Are the tickets for the gig on April 30? It sounds that way. I cannot come but I will buy one for the cause. Wish I knew the price, lol. Check the Donation thingy.

It is good to hear that the boy's computer was seized for that sounds like something is being done. And I know that it 'gets to you', Holly'. How could it not? It is good that you can deal with it as well as you are, and that everyone knows what really happened. It is very sad, even tragic but in time, it will surely pass. And sooner or later, he will get his. If he wants it to be sooner, tell him I will buy him a ticket (one way) to visit the southern USA where he may visit me.

I am curious to see your peppers & tomatoes. Never have I grow them from seed, only small plants. That sounds so cool!

Hang in there my dear. Things always have a way of working out!

David (Bud) said...

Hear hear, Larry! I'd be happy to buy the young lad a ticket down to Southwest Georgia...
You are doing the right thing...doing the next right thing and going about your life. Things hurt in life. Being molested by my father when I was 11, my mother's suicide attempts, bad decisions in the past, the record company thing, wasting $1300 of my money trying to help a woman a year ago...and finding that I'd fallen in love with a woman who was married- I confessed and stopped it just last weekend- all these things have been painfully embarrassing. But as you have done- and are doing quite well- we move past these things.
You are becoming a woman of character. Hold your head high. You have class, Holly, and you DESERVE to.