Sunday, 26 April 2009


Not much at all to report today as I've been revising for most of the day. I've been trying to understand the structure, tonality, and the rest of Miles Davis' 'Four.' It's a bebop jazz piece from the 50s and I really can't get a grip on it. Jazz really isn't my favourite genre, but we have to study it. Another piece we have to analyse is 'Don't Look Back in Anger' by Oasis - I guess that kind of makes up for it.

I've also been trying to practise for my German speaking exam which is next Thursday - the same day as the Gig! :-S Tickets sales aren't looking great at the mo, though lots of people said they would come. I believe we've sold 9...nearly matches the number of musicians I guess! :-S

This evening after I'd finished revising I tried to draw Wilfred Owen. I copied a picture from his biography. I find it really difficult to draw people as I can never get the eyes right. They are very daunting things to try to replicate. Eyes give an insight into a person's soul - and photographs can capture the emotion behind the eyes - but drawing is very different as you have to create the life yourself. I love drawing but sometimes it makes me frustrated - I have to get things perfect and I can never get a drawing perfect. Maybe I should try painting abstract things rather than doing detailed drawings! - That's something for the gap year I think - this was just a little filler.

Anyway, I'd better go. I'm still tired after my late night yesterday and I need energy for re-potting my tomato plants tomorrow! :) ...and for revising...oh yes.

Night night xxxxx

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LarryC said...

Well now, that is a heap of revising alright, lol. I am with you on the Jazz.

It is beyond my comprehension how anyone could draw or paint anything. Let alone a face! Abstract would be my cup. Just stand back and chunk paint globs at the canvas! Oh yes.

The low ticket sales for the gig amazes me. I would expect it to be standing room only. People just do not know what they are missing!

Isn't it so special to see your babies, er, plants grow up from seed? Such a satisfying and rewarding venture!