Wednesday, 22 April 2009

A little bit of loveliness :)

Today was a good day :) (apart from my computer playing up...grrrrrrrrr.)
After school I went down to the beach. Just to sit and read my Lyrical Ballads book. Ben came down and joined me too. Lyrical Ballads were written by Wordsworth and Coleridge - I have to study them for my English Literature Exam. They're very strongly related to nature and it's odd, but I can only really concentrate on my book when I'm reading outside. Maybe it's because it relates to the poems and makes them easier to imagine.
Anyway, I took a few pics on the way down to the beach...
Just a field I passed...Ben keeps winding me up because he thinks I'm scared of horses.

I'm really not, I think they're very graceful - I've just never fancied riding one! I loved Black Beauty! :)

So this is sort of to prove to Ben that I'm not scared. Even though he doesn't read this.

And I thought it was quite a nice view anyway. :)
This one is of the beach - I think these cats were probably over from the mainland on a day trip or something - there were sailors in the cafe.
It was such a lovely day - the water was all sparkly. :) This photo doesn't really do it justice!
After that Mum picked me up and Brooke came round for tea. It was a lovely day so we went outside and ran around the garden a bit. :) No...we actually did - despite our funny way of running! We had some races - Brooke won, :) - we had a "who can roll the furthest down the hill?" race - Brooke won, we made daisy chains, played dizzy dinosaurs and played "the batting game" as Brooke calls it - a game where you have a cricket bat and whoever hits the ball the most times in a row wins...I think Brooke probably won that one too!

I also have found a very relevant song that makes me feel better when I listen to it. It's called 'Good Souls' by Starsailor...

So I turn to you and I say
Thank goodness for the Good Souls that make life better.
So I turn to you and I say
If it wasn't for the Good Souls life would not matter.

Anyway, I probably ought to go now.
Night nightxxxxx

P.S -Don't worry - I hadn't forgotten! lol...
Here are the tomato and pepper plants with their proud owner going a bit cross-eyed!...


LarryC said...

Oh my, those little plants are so adorable. You know something... The lovely image you have planted in my brain today, the outdoors, nature...well, it has inspired me to join you and raise a few plants here this year. I really have been missing doing that. The swamp was home to me for five years once and I can appreciate how the outdoors sets the tone for your nature related studies. Heck, I used to live on bio text books by oil lamp light out there, and was just as excited as if I had been reading fiction. Imagine that!

The way in which you described your day was poetry in itself. And it was beautiful. Thank you for the light you so abundantly emit.

David (Bud) said...

I'm making a list of all these authors and works you keep referring to. You generally show great taste in what you tend to use in your only slipped up once and used a song from this goofy little guy from Leesburg, Georgia! Other than that, you get it right all the time!
I don't know if I ever told you, but my mum was quite the garden and flower planter. She and my stepfather built a wonderful home beside Lake Sinclair in Central Georgia, and she had a lot of flowers and things planted. She was so proud of that, and part of every visit (along with a required 'jam session' with her on piano, me on guitar) was taking the tour of all her different plants...she even had a greenhouse.
Wow, Holly, was that greenhouse nice inside! The air smelled so fresh.
Your little plants and your smile made me so happy to see...I loved the pictures of the horses and the beach, too. Leesburg isn't bad, but just up north of us near Alabama is some really pretty green hill buddy Jacqueline suggested I take a trip up there and just lay in the grass and watch the clouds roll by to get some peace...not a bad idea. I love nature too. Somehow, nature just makes sense in a way that so much else of life doesn't at times. You know what I mean?
I agree with LarryC's comment, really do emit abundant light...and you're teaching me to let more in just by your example. I learn a lot from you, Holly. I really do.

David (Bud) said...

I just had one other thing to say tonight. I consider myself so fortunate to have had a mother like mine. Yes, her issues caused me great pain as a child...but in later years, she became quite the good friend to me.
Your discussion of books, of mum! Wow, Mom was the most voracious reader I have ever seen in my life. She could usually be reading 5 or more books at a time. She just had book after book, her shelves were full of books mom really read. She loved to read.
Mom loved her books, her music, her cats, her flowers and plants, her career in nursing (she did it for nearly 20 years) and her home by the lake. She loved her children, and she loved her husband.
My mum emitted her own abundant light...and I'll always be glad that I had the privilege to be her son. Joyce Gosa was a special person. said...

I simply LOVE the picture of you and your tiny plants :D

LarryC said...

I might hang this one on my wall, titled: "The Essence Of Spring".