Sunday, 19 April 2009


After getting a bit of verbal abuse on blogtv yesterday I didn't feel much like giving it another go today - but I'm glad I did. It's really not worth giving up and letting the bad guys win. I realise now that if I let them upset me then I'd just as well be handing them a trophy and giving them a pat on the back - and I'd be letting too many wonderful people down anyhow.

So today I did my first 'proper' gig on blogtv and despite the occasional plonker, I really enjoyed it. I mean reeeeeeeeeeally. There were so many lovely people on there and it felt like they were in the room with me. They gave so much wonderful support and made me feel really comfortable. I was a bit nervous at first, but after a few songs I think I was alright.

Something that never ceases to make me go all goosebumpy is when people know my originals - and say "Can you sing Tea Leaves?" (or "the teabag song" as some people call it! lol) or "I Live Through the Song?" It's the best feeling ever. Each song is like a little piece of what I'm thinking - just a little expression - and it's wonderful how people can find their own meanings in the songs - I feel so flattered.

Anyway - all in all - a very good day. I also had a surprise visit from a very good German friend of mine that I hadn't seen in ages this morning - which was lovely.


Bye for now,



zmov1 said...

What an amazing day it has been. It was so delightful to get to see you in a natural environment and hear you talk to us, play and sing for us. It was just awesome! You did a perfect job and looked so lovely. Oh what a day! I am so glad you decided to go ahead with it after what happened yesterday. I was there and cried with you. I wrote a lengthy reply to your yesterday's post here but it did not post for some reason. Maybe that is just as well. So, wonderful day, so exciting. Great people who loved you and it was so much fun! A big treat for your fans. Amazing job, Holly! Thank you!

David said...

I celebrate your victory and your outstanding performance. Though I only got to catch part of it, your vocal prowess and personal charm never fail to impress, my buddy.
Way to go dealing with those distractions, too. Good people like you should not have to put up with things like this.
Bravo! Well done, another Holly Kirby Triumph!
Felicia sends orange kitty greetings from Southwestern Georgia! lol