Thursday, 23 April 2009

Don't Cry for Me Argentina...

Today I went to go and see Evita at a local theatre which I thought was wonderful. There was a place on the GCSE group trip so I went along as a 'responsible adult' (teehee!). I'd never really heard much about the show before. I knew it was by Andrew Lloyd Webber - but not a lot after that.

I thought the show was absolutely brilliant. The performers were amazing and so professional - I was in awe. I couldn't believe how many lines they had to learn either! lol - I get stuck remembering the words of a three minute song...and that's usually a song that I've written! Actually, when I was about thirteen I was Cinderella when we performed it with the theatre group I was a part of - there were lots of lines in that as I was on in every scene. :-S

Learning lines in acting has never really been a big problem for me. I used to do festivals and won a few cups and stuff for reciting poems. I also got honours for my grade 8 acting. :D That was a while ago though. I don't really do acting anymore - only through my songs. I did enjoy acting though. Maybe I'll start again one day.

Anyway...Evita. :) I thought the story was absolutely fascinating. I'd never heard of Eva Peron before. I guessed it was true because there were portraits of her on the stage at the 'shrine' kind of scene and so I read a bit about her when I got home. I think her story is wonderful, though very tragic. I'd love to see it again soon actually - now I've looked into the history a bit more.
Here's a link to a YT video with pics and a little info at the side...

She seemed a bit like Princess Diana in a way. - The people's princess, tragically lost so young. :(
I'd still like to find out more about Eva Peron and her story. Maybe that's a thing for the gap year. :) I really need to go and see more musicals in my gap year! I've seen Wicked in the West End (Idina Menzel playing Elphie :)) and Evita and that's it. I'd love to see The Lion King. :) I used to absolutely looooooooove that film (and still do!)...but it's so sad when poor Mufasa dies. :'(

Anyway, I'd better go now - need to wash my hair!

Lots of love,



LarryC said...

That sounds like a lot of fun. When I was a kid (yes, I was once a kid) there were a few times when I had to memorize something for whatever, in school, and boy, I still remember how hard it was. Equations, scientific names and formulas turned out to be much easier in later years, so it seems to be related to how interested you are in the subject. It was like that with me anyway. Glad you had fun!

David (Bud) said...

Holly my buddy, one of the things I really admire about you- always have- is the genuine humility you have about the talent you have been given. Kroneage and I were just discussing your tremendous and seemingly limitless skills and we are both in complete awe. But you're just down to earth and you don't see it. You are so modest.
I remember the lovely letter you sent me back as you were completing your "Enemy" video...and how complimentary you were about my songwriting, but honestly, I think the songs you write are actually better than mine. I consider "Is He Out There?" the best song I've ever written, and it's almost as good as "A Woman You Don't Know"...
Yes, Holly. I think you're a better songwriter than I. In fact, I think you're also a better everything than I! So don't ever compete with me, you'd just be moving down! lol Goodness knows, you're already ahead of all the rest of us, we can hardly see you! hahaha
I would be absolutely terrified to compete with you in anything! That's why I'm glad we're friends!
I think you really do have a theatrical production and acting side...just look at how amazing you made "Enemy" look. People were just dazed by your camera angles, editing, and polish. I've seen actual record company vids that were less smooth.
Oh wow, I am the most forgetful person in the world! I can't remember anything...including lines to my own songs! Me too, Holly. You've probably seen me reading lines of my own tunes as I sing!
But I really meant what I said. I really am in awe of your abilities...and of the fact that you don't have any conceit whatsoever. You are a genuinely kind, thoughtful person.