Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Bye Bye Gig :(

Here's the pic of Red - as promised - I'm sorry it's not really a very good one. I had to zoom in quite a lot.

It was raining today so no bugs were about - I'll check when it's sunny though. :)

When I got into school this morning I opened my school email and found an email waiting for me in my inbox. - An email from one of the members of the headlining band at my BSFA Gig. I presumed it would be a message asking which equipment to bring/asking what would be provided, but quickly and unfortunately realised that it was not. - It was an email saying that the headliners could no longer perform. So I went into the School's Senior Leadership Team (all the boss teachers) meeting this morning and asked what I should do and they said - cancel it.

So I did - I took down the posters and told all my friends - but then I was told that they COULD do it after all - but not at the time they were meant to - they would have to leave really early - so we just kept it cancelled.

It's so annoying - and so disappointing. :(

Apart from that I've been revising Miles Davis' 'Four' - and practising for my german speaking exam - which is on Thursday - aaaaaaaah! Hopefully I'll be OK. I've made a revision timetable and I'm really trying to stick to it.

Today we had a meeting with a police officer about the thing I've been mentioning every so often. I'm beginning to forget it already.

I was also talking to my English Teacher today about studying war literature at University and she explained about how I could specialise in that particular subject in my later years - which sounds rather interesting! - Something that I'll definitely have to look into! :)

As you can probably tell I don't have much to say today - I'm a tad sleepy after doing my revising.

I'd better go now,

Night night xxxx


evil.live said...

Oh dear, you are just a lucky one...

Anonymous said...

I don't quite know what Red is, but I do know we get those REALLY HUGE bumble bees here, they look like little fluffy toys and I have read and experienced that you should not wear BLUE - I read about it too, they go for Blue and I was stung the last time I was in the garden and wore a blue shirt and my bright dressing gown (oh I am consistently in my garden with my Pj's and dressing gown on) - and its blue and pink. So now I wear my red dressing gown if I am going outside.

love and light
Susan - (I am using Davids sign in to make this comment) :-)

LarryC said...

My oh my, how disappointing about the gig. At any rate, things are now winding down as far as school is concerned and it sounds like you have a good handle on things.

Your Buzzy Bug looks very much like the Beeflies I had. Here is one of the 'Villa' sp.:


More Beefly images:

LarryC said...

Well, that 'image link' does not work on here so here is a direct link you can paste: