Sunday, 26 April 2009

The Buzzy Bug

Today I re-potted my little tomato plants. Hooray! Whilst I was doing so, this buzzy hover bug thing literally would NOT leave me alone. My Dad came out to the garden and said "Do you realise there's bug hovering about a foot away from the back of your head?" I could hear a constant buzzing the whole time I was outside - and I was out there for about an hour. Each time I heard it behind me I would turn around to look at it...and it would dart towards my face and go round behind my head again! - So by the time Dad came outside I had given up.

Later on I went outside to sit in the sun and annotate an article about how certain pieces of war literature have been wrongly given the label "Anti-War". (-About Robert Graves and Siegfried Sassoon in particular - v. interesting.) I was about halfway through and had completely forgotten about the whole buzzy thing...until...


I looked and there it was again, right in front of my face. It just looked at me and buzzed off round the back of my head, only to dart off again when I turned to face it. I think I highly underestimated the intelligence of this little buzzy bug. Surely it knew what it was doing? I wondered what made it want to keep on hanging around me. Then I thought about it a bit. This morning, whilst re-potting my tomato plants I was wearing my pyjamas...(Sunday's a lazy day...right? :))...and my pyjamas happen to be extremely multicoloured and could, to an intelligent little buzzy thing, appear to be just like flowers! Well, that, or else I smelt nice. (Not probable in the morning).

So I guess I made a new friend today. I wonder if he'll be there tomorrow morning - I won't know because I'll be at school. I'll check when I get home though...I'm sure I'll recognise him...buzzy bug...tiny...wings...buzzes. Yeeeeeeeah. I think I'll call him Red. Because today he showed some great acrobatic skills - much like the Red Arrows - here's a link if you don't know what I'm talking about...

Anyway, I'd best be off now - school tomorrow! :-S

Night night xxxxx

P.S - the buzzy bug (or should I say...Red?) once hovered in the same place long enough for me to take a photo of him. I'll try to upload it tomorrow. :)

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LarryC said...

That behavior sounds like something we have in the swamp called a 'Beefly'. Actually a fly (Diptera) but looks like a bee (Hymenoptera). Did it resemble a large Yellowjacket? They are yellow and black, kinda striped. There are almost 5000 different species of them, all colors though. Some species are black and white around here. It is a good bet that he liked the perfume in your hair which comes from shampoo. (They are quite mechanical and reactive, not very smart.) Fragrance, I think they call it. Something I avoided at all costs when I lived in the wild. Even soap. Bugs love it! I would love to see that pic if it is available sometime. You might Google>Images 'Beefly' and see if you see him in there, lol. That is very interesting. BTW, they cannot sting you. :)