Thursday, 30 April 2009


Tomorrow is my German speaking exam. I'm a tad stressed. :-S I'm not exactly nervous...just stressed. :-S Probably because I've got a lot to do. We've got another meeting about the thing again tomorrow. It does feel like it's been drawn out quite a bit. I think this is the last meeting though. I also have to sort some stuff out for my music exam before I travel to a separate school for my music lesson. I'll be so happy when Saturday arrives. Or when June 18th arrives and my music year starts.

Today I was looking at the English course at Oxford Uni on their website. I'm not really sure it's for me. I'm more interested in 19th/20th/21st century literature, but it seems as though the majority of their studies are based on the literature before then - i.e 1100 - 1800. And I'm not so keen on the very old stuff.

I was talking to one of my teachers today about what I'm going to do with my life etc....

She said "so...what are your plans then? I know you wanted to change..." and I replied with a bit of a shrug and said "Ummm...I've applied for music, got offers and accepted one of them, but then I'll get my results and probably change my mind again!"
She laughed and said "...I'm thinking you need to organise your future a little bit more Holly!"
I'm thinking she's very right! I just can't stick with one idea for more than about a week at the moment! I'm going round in circles. I wish I knew what to do.

Anyway, I'd better go now - don't want to fall asleep in my exam tomorrow!

Night night xxxxx


LarryC said...

Ahhhhh... the stresses of school (if I may add). Yep. It is a high stress situation being a senior and finding it time to make decisions that will affect your future. Life is one decision after the other, now and later. And indecision is always a frustrating thing to deal with. We cannot always know the best thing to do and we will never be in complete control of everything that happens in life. All we can do is base each decision on the knowledge and principles we have. Welcome to the world, lol.

One thing is for sure though. When we have a mental image of what we want to happen or what we want to be, it is then a relatively easy thing to make it happen. "What you see is what you get", someone has said. It is not like you absolutely must decide right now, once and for all what you want your future to be. It is just that the sooner you get that 'image', the faster and easier it can be made to happen. Your options can remain open and changeable if needed but it will help if you have the background for whatever you choose down the road. Imagine being inside a big triangle at the base where the base is the present and the top angle is your future. Do you climb a direct line up there or take a wavy course? In my case, it was as if the triangle was inverted into a funnel and I bounced off the sides all the way down, just riding along without a plan. Not recommended, lol. OK, you will be fine when you just take each decision, think it through and make your choice. Another one will follow shortly. It always does.

There is no doubt in my mind that you will excel in the German exam!

nubie34 said...

I tried all sorts of jobs and subjects before I settled down to studying psychology and helping people. I found that helped me be at my most creative, helping people to become who they really wanted to be, and finding true recognition and fulfillment.
P.S.But playing music helps also!

Wolfgang said...

Ich weiß noch genau den Ort, wo ich stand, als ich mein Abitur in der Tasche hatte. Peng! Die Schulzeit war vorbei, wie ein mittelmäßiger Traum und ich hatte keine Ahnung, was ich studieren sollte. Ich hatte ja auch keine Ahnung von dem, was mich auf der Uni erwartete. Eigentlich wollte ich Biologie studieren, weil ich Tiere und Pflanzen liebte, aber dafür hatte ich zu schlechte Noten. Also studierte ich Geologie, aber nur vier Semester lang. Heute bin ich Sozialarbeiter in einer Suchtberatung und dazwischen lagen noch andere Jobs. Rückblickend bin ich gar nicht unglücklich darüber, dass es nicht so geradlinig ablief.
Die Lehrer sind nicht besonders hilfreich, wenn es um die berufliche Zukunft geht. Die kennen doch nur Schule: aus der Schule in die Schule(Wie langweilig!). Holly, Du bist ein kreativer Mensch, viel kreativer als die meisten in Deinem Alter. In einem gewissem Sinn übst Du schon einen Beruf aus. Wenn Du Literatur studierst, dann bestimmt nicht, um eine Unikarriere zu machen, sondern, weil Du die englische (und die deutsche Sprache) liebst und Dich damit ausdrücken willst. Du liebst die Poesie und die Musik. Diese Künste sind Dir eine zweite Natur geworden und Du bist sehr gut in beiden Bereichen. Für mich wäre die Vorstellung schrecklich, Dich domestiziert in einen "sinnvollen" Beruf zu sehen, aber ich bin auch sicher, dass dies nicht passieren wird.
Now translate this text!!!
Greetings from good old Bavaria